Personalized Therapeutic Massage

Although it's wonderful to come in have a massage, relax and destress, it's important to know what goals you'd like to achieve from the session and what type of massage will help you get there. As the number of health benefits continue to grow so do the number of people who turn to achieving balance and improving their health lives by making Massage Therapy a consistent and frequent addition. All massage modalities are therapeutic and healing in nature, however we will clarify the two most well known to assist you in choosing your therapy today. The two most commonly sought after massage techniques are Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue. Swedish Massage is a lighter touch therapy that works the superficial muscles and tissues. The pressure can increase gradually and may include some kneading as well. This technique aids in increased circulation and lowered blood pressure fighting off fatique and allowing you to maintain an over all sense of wellbeing. Deep Tissue Massage is intended to work the deeper muscles and connective tissues for more chronic pain or imbalance of the body rather than relaxation. While the strokes are similar, deep tissue will focus a deeper pressure on adhesions or trigger points in the body relieving chronic tightness of muscles. Some of the results of deep tissue are posture correction, faster recovery time from injuries, improved athletic performance, improved organ function and improving general health. While both therapies are wonderful for different reasons, they are very complimentry to each other. Most practioners use a combination of the two promoting general wellbeing and assisting you to overcome dysfunctional muscle patterns.