External Basti, a fundamental component of Ayurvedic therapy, is a specialized treatment that focuses on detoxification and rejuvenation through localized herbal oil or decoction applications. This procedure involves the skilled placement of a dam-like structure made from dough over a specific area of the body, such as the lower back or joints. This dam is then filled with warm herbal oil or medicinal liquid. As the liquid is retained within the dam for a predetermined duration, the therapeutic properties of the herbs penetrate deeply into the targeted area, facilitating the expulsion of toxins, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing. External Basti is particularly effective in addressing musculoskeletal issues, joint pain, and imbalances related to Vata dosha. This time-tested technique not only offers physical relief but also contributes to the harmonization of the body's energetic flow, fostering a balanced state of well-being.

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